How to keep nasal mucosa moist?

Causes of dry nasal mucosa:

      Dry mucous membranes can be caused by several reasons:
    • Irritation of the nasal mucosa
      • Climatic factors:
      • Dry air (including indoors)
      • Being in a heated room or environment with a hot climate
      • Long distance flights
      • Workplace conditions:
      • Dry conditioned air
      • Cold or hot air
      • Dust, for example from building materials (plaster, granite, cement, wood), chalk, tobacco smoke.
    • Taking of certain medications (xylometazoline, oxymetazoline, etc.)
    • Diseases of an infectious and non-infectious origin
    • Nasal surgeries (wounds healing after surgeries, or due to frequent surgical interventions in nasal cavity)
    • A deviated septum, causing a change in normal airflow
    • House dust mites or mold
    • Nasal cavity dryness developed with age

Consequences of dry nasal mucosa

If you ignore nasal dryness, then over time this can weaken the natural defense mechanism, since the nasal cavity is the “entrance gate” for different infections.

Dry nasal mucosa can be a symptom of the other diseases. All of them can have its own consequences. To find a cause of dryness and to choose a right treatment, you must consult a specialist.

What are home remedies to treat Dry Nose?

To treat dry nasal mucosa, it is necessary to drink enough water, to follow the rules of personal hygiene, to treat diseases that could cause dry nasal mucosa (if any) and to moisturize the nasal mucosa.

Moisturizing the nasal mucosa can be carried out using various ointments, oils, sprays, or by irrigating the nasal cavity. The choice of methods and means is individual.

Olyfrin is moisturizing spray which contains natural components. Olyfrin components not only moisturize the nasal mucosa, but also eliminate symptoms of dry nose, such as irritation, itching, and burning. Hyaluronic acid in the composition of the product promotes wound healing and creates a protective barrier, while Vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Olyphrin, nasal spray, 15 ml

Consult your healthcare professional before use